What is DormBox?

Dormbox addresses the use of space in co-living spaces.

In today’s world, where space is at a premium in growing densities, it’s becoming imperative for the relevant authorities to come up with innovative solutions that ensure the quality of everyday living isn’t compromised.

While the term may not be as common, the concept of co-living has always been prevalent for a number of years. Co-living is where young individuals share a living and working space; almost like a big family.

The concept is built on the principles of collaboration and openness.

With an influx of students and young professionals from different parts of the country entering Tier I and II cities daily the demand for co-living spaces is increasing dramatically across the globe. Hostels and semi-furnished rooms have always been a popular choice for people who want an affordable option of living and it is this alternative that our Dormbox concept addresses.

DormBox exemplifies what an ideal co-living space would look like within three set sizes; SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE.

Along with the options for bedroom(s), these modular spaces come with plug-in features such as living areas, usable open spaces, kitchenettes, dining rooms, study, washrooms and closet spaces, that people can add or delete to suit their needs.