From the 1st of January to the 6th of February of 2020, ISHO City caused a stir at Premier Pavilion 21 at the 25th edition of Dhaka International Trade Fair. It was ISHO's first participation at the fair. ISHO City won the Best Design and Most Popular Pavilion Award at the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF 2020).

ISHO City featured 3 “houses”, and a public space around which they were arranged. ISHO City showed people how they could arrange fully functioning, beautiful rooms within very tight spaces. 

Once people made their way underground, they found themselves in the ISHO marketplace. The marketplace featured many of ISHO’s furniture pieces as well as accessories. The pavilion featured a VR game which allowed people to play for the chance to win the whole wedding set that ISHO offers.

ISHO’s Bluetooth Ottoman made its debut at DITF 2020. Managing Director of ISHO, Rayana Hossain and popular singer, Hridoy Khan inaugurated the launch at ISHO's premier pavilion on the 12th of January.