The best part of working from home might be that you can work in your pajamas, but sometimes you need to separate your workspace to kick your brain into gear. Here are the big things to consider when creating your home office.

Tidy Table
If you're likely to spend a lot of time in your home office, choose a desk that's large enough to spread out on when you’re working, with drawers to keep the clutter off of the desk when you’re not. Keep your desk tidy with desk organisers and pots. You can choose a table with a hole and grommet to keep your wires organised. 

Take a Seat
Choose an office chair you'll want to sit in, one that matches your decor. And if you're likely to work long into the evening, make sure to pick one that's plush and padded with lumbar support.

Store and Decor
Storage is important when designing your work area. For spaces that can’t handle full size shelves, thinking upward could be the solution. Floating shelves are great space savers, to put up books and decor. Alternatively, small flexible shelves are also useful, and can be stored under desks.


The Power of Plants
Plants are proven to keep you calm. A small potted plant will brighten up your immediate workspace, lifting your mood and helping your creative flow. They can add life to an otherwise drab room. If you don’t want to worry about watering you can pick something that’s low maintenance, like a small cactus.

Final Touches
Through a rug down, maybe add some cushions. Make sure you have enough light. You could go for a desk or a floor lamp. For when your eyes wander it’s good to have art around to inspire you. Your favourite inspirational quotes are an easy choice to frame or pin to your wall. Or, pick more abstract prints in the colours that make you feel most creative.