Parenting is an exciting adventure that all new parents look forward to. While some aspects of this new life may sound intimidating, your little one has the power to bring a big smile on your face and make all your worries go away. These little angels always deserve the best, especially when it comes to a cute and beautiful nursery. ISHO recently introduced a vibrant range of cute and child-friendly products that are specially designed for babies and toddlers and to celebrate the new launch, we bring to you three super easy steps to design the perfect nursery for your little one.

Add personality to the room with colours

Choosing the right wall colour is an unexpectedly difficult decision. Studies conducted suggest that colours affect the physical and mental development of the child differently. You can go for the traditional gender specific colours such as pastel blues and pinks. These are beautiful shades that create a sense of harmony in the nursery.

If you don’t want to confine the space to a particular colour, you can also choose some gender neutral shades such as white, beige and yellow. These colours are not only soothing but they also go with a wide variety of interior decor choices. You can keep the walls simple but still make the decor playful to suit your needs.

If you are someone who likes to change things around in the room, this is an ideal choice for you as these colours go with all kinds of decor. If you prefer to create a lively and exuberant atmosphere in your baby’s nursery, you can choose cute wallpapers with patterns and bright colours that will add a touch of fun to the nursery. 

Invest in essential furniture

Your little one will end up spending a lot of time sleeping or resting in the beginning so a comfortable cot or cradle is an obvious choice when designing a nursery. If you leave ample space around the cot, that can later be used up by a bed that your kid would use when they grow up.

Always keep enough storage in the nursery. We all know that babies grow out of their sizes very quickly and it is a good idea to have extra space. Add wardrobes and shelves to neatly store all your child’s belongings and keep the nursery clean and tidy.

Children can be a handful and an organised nursery goes a long way in saving time while you take care of your little one every day. Divide your child’s belongings into daily and occasional buckets based on how often you use it. Invest in a changing station and keep all the daily use items in it so that you don’t have to waste time looking for diapers while your child is crying in the background.

Create a space for your baby’s journey

We all know that time flies rather quickly when one has kids and it doesn’t take long for little infants to become toddlers and teenagers. As parents, it is important to make sure that the room is equipped for growth. The nursery will need to turn into a bedroom one day and you must make sure that there is enough space for a play zone with a cozy little rug and lots of toys which can be a safe and happy place for your child.

Make the space interesting by adding elements that will keep your child engaged while they are at home. A little dining table with chairs to have play dates with friends is a great idea to increase your child’s social skills from a very young age. You can also use it as space where you interact with your little one and help them learn how to read and write.

Teenagers require equal amounts of attention as your little ones. They reach a crucial age where they have to dedicate a lot of time studying and a good study table in one corner with ample natural light will do wonders to your child’s learning process.

Parenting is a journey that requires creativity, patience and a lot of adaptability and nursery is a very important part of that journey. ISHO’s new collection for babies and toddlers will give you the perfect opportunity to spoil your children with items that they would absolutely love whilst keeping them comfortable and secure.

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