As a brand, we’ve been known for consistently reinventing ourselves with our collection of furniture and home accessories. We’re also the first company in Bangladesh to have launched the new AR feature on our mobile app.

In this day and age, people want the best for their homes and well-designed interiors are as important as any other aspect that goes into the setting up of a home. Picture yourself, shopping online for a dining table, but when it arrives, it does not fit in your space! Or worse, it does not complement your other furniture and interiors! Added to this is the time-consuming hassle of returning or exchanging the products.

Our AR feature solves this very problem by allowing you to effortlessly visualise and try out our furniture in your space before you buy it.

But how does it work?

This feature allows you to view the products in the form of realistic 3D models for a seamless shopping experience. It can be viewed on all major smartphone brands that support AR Core by Google. Here’s how you can use our AR feature on your smartphones. So go ahead and log onto to ‘trial and view’ our furniture at your fingertips!