Horace, a famous Roman poet, once said, “A picture is a poem without words”. Art has always been one of the strongest mediums of expression and communication for people across land and time. Each artwork tells a story and has the power to connect people from different backgrounds by resonating with them.

A conversation starter and a thought stirrer, artwork has multiple roles to play aside from making your walls look prettier. Decorating a space can be confusing but one thing that you should definitely include in your home decor checklist is wall art. It will accentuate any space and you can choose from a variety of options and artists that you feel reflect your personality in the best way. As ISHO celebrates the launch of The Artist’s Corner, a platform where you can experience and access great art by local artists from the comfort of your homes, we bring to you a list of different art forms that you can use as a guide to decide what kind of wall art you prefer and would like to decorate your wall with.


If you want to experiment with art work and are not sure what to go for, we suggest sets of small, different pieces. These art pieces are a group of smaller artworks that generally follows a theme or pattern. While all the pieces of art won’t match perfectly, they will have enough of the same elements to look great together. You can play with these by dividing and putting them on multiple walls in your house to maintain the look or theme or just put them altogether on one wall.   



Although photography is one of the most classic types of wall art, it will never go out of style. What better way of telling a story of a place or moment than the actual picture of it? Photographs add a touch of genuineness to the art work as these are actual pictures and not an artist’s interpretation. You can decorate your walls with photographs that reflect your interests to give your space a more personal touch. 



If you want the art on your wall to be a conversation starter, go for abstract art pieces. This type of art doesn’t always have a clearly-defined subject and can be open to interpretation by everyone who sees it. You can choose colourful abstracts to match the decor of your space or stick to the classic black and white. 



A common form of expression in recent times, illustration artists can speak volumes through their artwork. This art form is easy to understand and extremely visually appealing. It has the power to make us revisit our childhood, make political satires and even reminisce a happy memory. You can choose illustrations to decorate your space if you want your artwork to be more personal.

ISHO has recently launched ‘The Artist’s Corner’, where we have collaborated with some celebrated artists from Bangladesh to come up with beautiful art pieces that you can decorate your space with. Check out the collection on www.isho.com.bd for more information.