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    Palermo Collection

    ISHO x KLUBHAUS Collaboration

    Imagine you are sitting on the beach, wind blowing on your face and you’re looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine you are sipping a nice glass of bubbly with friends and listening to good music. Imagine tucking into a delicious Insalata Caprese and Caponata whilst admiring the daily hustle and bustle of a sleepy town’s marketplace.

    Well, we’ve got the perfect escape this summer so that you can also recreate this vibe from the comfort of your homes! In a country-first collaboration where Furniture meets Fashion, ISHO have come together with Klubhaus to launch an exclusive lifestyle collection. Taking inspiration from the sunny shores of Sicily, the Palermo Collection from ISHO, is the first outdoor furniture collection in the country. From stripes to colours that bring out a sense of joy to lemon patterns and vernacular floral designs, Palermo features exquisitely designed folding chairs, tables and tableware.

    It’s a way of life that we all crave for.

    Beach Day Out

    Admire the sea and your surroundings from afar. Enjoy sitting or reclining in solitude or with friends as you take it the scenic beauty of where you are. There's nothing more enjoyable than transporting yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life and being stylish while you do it.

    Quintessential Alfresco

    Any vacation is incomplete without taking time out to explore what the locals do. There's so much to see and what really appeals to the five senses is by being in the middle of things and curious. Move from stall to stall and indulge or just sit in a quiet comfortable corner and be an inquisitive onlooker.

    Quaint Dinner

    There's nothing like looking the part when you sample the very best of local cuisines. Where you go and the place is just as important as how you look. These memories last a lifetime so there's no reason not to make the effort in looking great and choosing the setting to get the mood just right.

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