ISHO Interiors Trend Report 2023

A deep dive into the popular trends to watch out this year

While 2022 was a mixed bag of memories and experiences, it also got us reaccustomed to moving out of our indoor spaces and stepping out with lesser worries. News of the pandemic took a backseat, many offices started operating with a hybrid work model in place, and people began to embrace newfound normalcy after two years of lockdown.

With the new year just around corner, designers worldwide have identified top-ranking interior trends with a focus on overall well-being, relaxed luxury, and revisiting some vintage styles. People are now gravitating towards an ease of living that reflects in their distinctive choices of furniture, lighting, colours and even silhouettes.

ISHO’s curated trend report compiles and delves into the trending interior styles, materials, and décor for this year, giving you ample inspiration on how to rejuvenate your spaces with a positive and vibrant outlook.


A Botanical Touch for Freshness

Biophilic spaces with natural elements feed our souls and inject freshness within the interiors for a whole new look. Whether it’s your home or office spaces, decorating using succulents and potted greens in corners, or even wall shelves are a great way to liven up the space. Choose nature-inspired colours for your furnishings and textiles such as soft tones of blues and greens for a convivial living space. Similarly, textiles such as bedsheets, cushions or runners with abstract printed foliage can add visual interest and elevate certain corners within your botanical-themed space.

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An Art Deco Revisit for Grandeur

The opulent and retro-modern Art Deco remains an all-time favourite for those looking to decorate with a flair of luxury. A style that originated in the 1950s and peaked in the 1970s, Art Deco interiors weave in vibrant accent colours and jewel tones of reds, greens, blues, and pinks, backdropped by neutrals.

You can create your own Art Deco space with geometrically-detailed flooring and wallpapers, fan-shaped lighting, and pick out luxe upholstery fabrics such as velvets and leathers. Invest in modern materials such as wood, metal, and glass used in combination with gold and copper metallic tones for coffee tables, wall and table lamps, and bedside tables to showcase elements of subdued grandeur.

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Curved Edges & Organic Forms for a Relaxed Vibe

With laid-back sophistication taking centre stage this year, it comes as no surprise that organic silhouettes and soft curves are gaining prominence to lend drama and create movement in the room. Sharp, angled corners are slowly getting replaced by modernist, curved edges for a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to sit back and revel in comfort. If you’re leaning towards this look, choose from crescent-shaped sofas, arched armchairs, round coffee tables and circular rugs, or you could take it up a notch by opting for arched doorways for a dream-like façade.

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Statement Lighting to Uplift the Mood

Lighting fixtures aren’t merely objects of utility to cast away the darkness! Modern shoppers are now seeking a greater amount of personalization with their choices of lighting for radiant interiors. In 2023 we’re going to be witnessing overexaggerated lampshades and pendants, gently curved floor lamps, and also geometrical ceiling lamps to lend a whimsical touch. Another commonly observed trend is the use of natural materials such as rattan, paper and beaten metal to make the lighting shades more unusual and eclectic, and also bring earthy character to those obscure corners.

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Declutter with Multifunctional Furniture

The market is cluttered with aesthetic furniture pieces that makes your space look good, but modern homeowners are now on the lookout for furniture that is convertible and fulfills multiple requirements at a time. The space-saving benefits of multifunctional furniture are indicative of smart and thoughtful design that can solve modern living challenges. Take for example coffee tables, slidable tabletops, bedside tables with inbuilt storage, or even a futon bed that serves as a couch and doubles down as a comfortable bed for the guest room!

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