For Lit Fest 2019 The ISHO design studio decided to make a splash by merging the world of furniture with the worlds of literature. With 5 unique rooms featuring some of ISHO’s best pieces, the team brought to life 5 fictional worlds between November 7th and 9th.

Each room brought something new to the table. The TRON room featured a VR experience, wherein the user could move and interact with some of our furniture pieces. The Harry Potter room inspired awe amongst the crowds with the Great Hall from Hogwarts,  with candles in the sky and a mixed dining set.

In the room for Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, origami cranes made by the ISHO team with recycled paper from the ISHO office, spiralled down around whoever stood inside.

The Pride and Prejudice room brought to  life a bedroom from the Gregorian Era, with sophisticated whites and soft pale blues. The room for Nastanirh brought visitors the feel of 19th century Bengali wealth, with the living room from Bhupati and Charu’s home.