While multiple businesses and industries are reeling from the after-effects of the pandemic, many conglomerates are providing flexible work options to their employees, allowing them to work from the office or their homes. Many people have enjoyed working from the comfort of their houses, but one does miss the feeling of stepping into a workplace, interacting with colleagues and working from an organized and professional setup. Many companies are now looking to upgrade their office interiors by opting for contemporary furniture and designing workspaces to maximize the engagement of the workforce with the environment.


Looking to design interiors fitting for an established conglomerate? Here are a few tips to keep in mind for a modern, industrial look:

Furnishings & Furniture for a Distinctive Touch

Conglomerate interiors need not lack inspiration or look boring. Think luxury faux leather finishes, metal fixtures and matured wood accents that are a nod to the company’s rich history. When it comes to furniture, comfortable executive chairs, conference tables, inbuilt cabinetry and movable storage options, and sleek work desks will perfectly anchor the interiors and give the employees a sense of belonging in a corporate environment.

Wood Panelling

Wood is a beautiful and versatile raw material and is being used extensively in wall paneling and flooring for many offices. Explore a range of rich wood tones such as natural walnut, old-world mahogany, landmark oak and amber cherry for a space that’s elegant and refined. Wood paneling and molding add dimension to your office and gives it a tailored look.

Warm Lighting

Nobody likes a dimly-lit office, especially when one has to put in those extra hours and work late. Choosing the right lighting that illuminates the space and minimizes shadows is imperative. Fluorescent ceiling fixtures that emanate cool, blue and white light are ideal for working, waking up and concentrating. As the day comes to an end, warmer yellow or orange lights are the perfect choice for the employees to unwind.

Well-Defined Spaces

Spaces within a conglomerate setup are designed keeping in mind the functions and needs of the business. It is observed that most conglomerate offices follow the traditional floor plan which is a combination of closed offices and meeting spaces, or the cubicle or low-partition office layout. Companies are now opting for the hybrid office layout that combines elements of all these layouts or the team-based layout with dedicated spaces for each group, complete with individual workstations and collaboration space.

Decadent & Rich Colour Palette

The right mixture of neutrals such as white, grey and ecru, with moody and robust tones of burgundy, black, dark tan and navy blue will beautifully contrast each other. Introducing jewel tones of sapphire blue and emerald green in the furnishings can regally offset the entire setup.