We welcomed Ramadan 2020 to a very different world than that of years past. With the Coronavirus wreaking havoc worldwide, people have been advised to stay home and observe social distancing. Global pandemics – which are once in a lifetime occurrences for most of us - however, give us perspective and a time to reflect. They also offer us a ray of hope and a reason to believe in a beautiful future.

Every year, as we know, Ramadan brings a feeling of delight and togetherness and helps us appreciate the simple joys of life. Due to being confined within our homes, it may not be possible to meet our loved ones, but there are other ways in which we can fill our homes with peace and happiness. Also in a strange way, by constantly being indoors, it also gives people time to catch up on things related to their homes that they have been neglecting for a while.

From having a daily routine for household chores, the whole family pitching in to help and spending quality time with your family makes this lockdown manageable.

While some households are ordering in pre-made food, most are partaking in cooking experiments. From whipped coffee to bread and cake pre-Ramadan - cooking trends continue till today with people making their favorite iftar meals from scratch. Even though families aren’t going out to restaurants, little things like exploring new ways to serve dishes - whether it's on new ceramics or colorful sets of cutlery to brighten up the mood - can make the meal feel special.

With so much time being spent together - many families have also bonded by having game nights or setting joint goals. These goals can include sprucing up the house and decorating it for Eid. Replacing furniture by exploring a new shelf or bed that you’ve always wanted or just changing rooms around can make Eid feel a little more festive and different - at-least from a surroundings perspective - while in isolation.

Another way to keep your spirits up is by bringing in some plants and flowers. Perhaps buy geometric potholders to brighten up rooms. You can also add watering of these plants to your daily routine so you have something to look forward to. It also helps us feel at least a little closer to nature in a time when we can’t go out.

While we have all lost much during this time and may find ourselves anxious and uncertain of the future, we should try our best to focus on the good with our families and friends. It is at home and within our walls where we can try and find some solace.