As multiple waves of the pandemic have made their foray, we’ve had to readjust, adapt and change the way we lead our lives. Going to the movies or concerts, taking a walk in the park or even going out for a date seems like a thing of the past! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, couples are now opting for “indoor dates”; Wherein one can spend quality time within the confines of their home, and avoid the hassles of going out and running the risk of getting infected!

It’s also a blessing in disguise for those who struggle with planning elaborate dates and prefer to keep it simple yet thoughtful!

People all over the world celebrate this day in different ways. There’s just something about love. The sweet nothings, the memories, the bond we share with our special someone. It only takes a small gesture to show them how much they mean to you.

And that is why we’ve curated our Date-in-a-Box, filled with everything you need to make this day memorable!

ISHO offers three differently-priced date boxes, each one curated for that perfect Valentine’s date experience.

Dinner Date Box

A romantic candlelight dinner never goes out of fashion. Some good food, wine, the soft light of the candles, an exquisite dinner table setup- your partner will definitely be floored! For those who want to take it up a notch and flaunt their culinary skills, this box features 2 recipe cards- so you can whip up a lavish dinner in no time and impress them with each bite! 

 Box Contents:

  1. Black dinner plate - 2 
  2. Black side plate - 2 
  3. Black cutlery - set of 2 
  4. Red Runner
  5. Red Mat
  6. Red Wine Glass- 2
  7. Recipe Cards- 2

Movie Date Box

As social distancing becomes a norm, watching a movie at the theatre isn’t a feasible option for your date. So, stay indoors, snuggle up under a throw, drink cups of cocoa, crunch on that popcorn and turn on your favorite romantic movie!

Box Contents:

  1. Elliot Pink Cushion
  2. Filt White Throw
  3. Leaf Bowls
  4. Black Ceramic Mug, Set of Two

Breakfast in Bed

Why go out and splurge on a lavish meal, when you can recreate a romantic date in your bedroom? A beautifully arranged breakfast tray complete with some tasty, quickly rustled-up bites goes a long way to show how much you care!

Box Contents:

  1. Breakfast Tray 
  2. Mug - Sicilian 
  3. Side plate or Ribbet plate - 2 
  4. Ribbet small bowls - 2 
  5. Silver cutlery set of 2 

ISHO wishes you and your favorite one, a happy Valentine’s Day!