Decorating a space can be an extremely daunting task. While you want it to reflect your personality and taste, the multiple elements can make the process long and tedious. It can be challenging to decide the style that you prefer, the colours that suit the space or the furniture and the accessories that would elevate the look of the room. However, you don’t need to be an expert to express your creativity and transform a space according to your style. Whether it is a modern and minimalist apartment you dream of or a luxurious office space you look forward to working in, small changes can make a big difference to a space. To celebrate the launch of ISHO’s Design Studio, a one-stop destination for design solutions to delivery, we are sharing these simple tricks that can help you get one step closer to your ideal space or home. Visit for more details.

Add Personality To Your Room With Colour

Choosing the right colour palette is an essential part of interior design because it can add personality to your space. If you want a calm, relaxing room, you might want to go for neutral shades or you can give the room a bold twist by choosing a darker colour. It is totally acceptable to have a different color scheme per room, but you might want to tie the entire space together by adding shades of one colour to each room. Accent walls are a great concept if you like to experiment with different styles in a small area. Adding some pronounced elements to the wall will also help accentuate the other features of the room.

Get Inspired By Nature

Including elements inspired by nature can add warmth and dimension to a space. Treat plants and flowers as an inevitable component that will uplift the beauty of the room and create a very welcoming environment. You can also add furniture made of rattan, jute or wood to give the space additional texture that is grounded and inviting. These materials, because of their neutral colours, go with almost any interior decor and add a bit of a traditional yet modern feel to the space.

Perfect Atmosphere With The Perfect Lighting

Natural light can add a lot of life to a space and can make it look bigger and brighter. If you have natural light pouring into your room, don’t block it with heavy curtains. Instead, keep your windows open and stick to light, sheer curtains to create a breezy and relaxing atmosphere. Alternatively, you can also go for accent ceiling lamps or floor lamps to brighten up the area and add a touch of sophistication.

Play Around With Beautiful Rugs

Rugs can make any space look cozier without putting in much effort. Easy to play with, you can change the rug once in a while to upgrade your interiors according to the season or your mood. Rugs can also be extremely useful if you are decorating a smaller space. In general, larger rugs don’t break up the floor visually and can make your room appear to be much bigger than it is.

Upgrade Your Room With Beautiful Paintings

Paintings add life to the room and reflect your taste and personality to its finest. You don’t have to worry about empty spaces on the wall any more because you can easily fill it up with paintings of different sizes to match the mood of the room. Paintings are also highly recommended because they can be a great and easy way to add a pop of colour to the space. Play with the options and change the paintings in the room every once in a while to break away from the monotony of the room’s decor.