With the daily hustle of life, we often find ourselves settling into a monotonous routine, looking for ways to rejuvenate our spaces that become an extension of our personality.

Refresh your spaces with a color story that matches your personal style

With the daily hustle of life, we often find ourselves settling into a monotonous routine, looking for ways to rejuvenate our spaces that become an extension of our personalities. Choosing the right colors for our spaces, furnishings and accessories is vital as they impact our overall wellbeing and have a soothing effect on our everyday mood. Creating a personalized color story brings your design vision to life as you use colors to evoke different emotions and is also an economically smarter way to breathe new life into familiar spaces.

A Tranquil Nook with Shades of Blue

From left to right: Williamsburg Dark TV cabinet, Kantet Navy Mugs, Brett Dark Small Tray, Tropisk Monkey Blue Ceramic Large Bowl, Florero Grey Vase, Morandi Blue Bottle Vase, Ruva Blue Vase, Buligan Vase and Curvado White Vase, Williamsburg Dark Open Shelf, Tropisk Monkey Blue Ceramic Mugs and Small Bowls, Muko Blue Cushions, Elliot Grey Cushion, Kashan Floral Blue Rug, Palermo Blue-White Striped Cushion, Elliot Light Blue Cushion and Muko Perforated Blue Cushions

The perfect color story doesn’t have to feature a variety of different colors. In fact, using several shades of the same hue translates into harmony within your space. As seen above, a serene combination of blues and greys with rustic ceramics and woven patterns can lend a welcoming vibe and bring calm to your space. Flaunt this cohesive color palette with fabrics and textiles such as patterned rugs and cushions, and inject texture using vases and pottery in different shapes to decorate the corner.

A Reading Corner with Earthy Tones

From left to right: Bushwick Light Floor Lamp, Williamsburg Light Grey Dark Arm Chair, Filt Brown Throw, Genesis Marble Antique White & Clay Hand-Tufted Jaipur Rug, Ostrava Dark Wooden Console Table, Florero Earth Vase, Floro Pale Brown Vase, Florero Emerald Vase, Classic Tall Flower Vase and Morandi Green Bottle Vase

Another way of creating visual interest is by grouping together earthy tones that complement each other and showcasing them through quaint vases, throws, ceramics and a range of miscellaneous eclectic finds to add layers of vibrancy. In the above photo, shades of brown paired with greens, and topped up with marblesque patterns that belong to the same palette, bring in a rustic earthiness within the interiors.

A Dinette Dipped in Pink

From left to right: Ratargul Light Dining Chairs, Elliot Pink Cushion, To Live Set of 3 Frames, Kristall Ceiling Lamp, Rosewall Red & White Cushion, Muko Light Two Seater Dining Table, Floro Pale Pink Vase, Cvet Pink Vase, Kruze Glass Jug, Pink Ceramic Dinner Plate, Pink Ceramic Mug, Navigli Pink Candle Stand and Morandi Red Vase

If you’re going for a more classic and timeless look, pick a neutral color palette with hints of vibrant hues. As captured above, with light-colored wood as the main feature, a subtle gradient of soft pinks and vibrant reds have been introduced, complemented by geometric accessories that lend a classic sophistication to this dining setup. Flowers arranged in a vase or fresh fruit clustered in a ceramic bowl that follows the same color gradient can add volumes of color to any space as well adding to the overall color story. Add a layer of art with small frames of artwork in neutral colors to lend personality to the composition.

In conclusion, selecting from a myriad of colors and patterns can be a lot of fun and a great way to give your space that updo while keeping the affordability factor in mind. And the best part? You can always change things around and rearrange accessories to create an oasis of bliss within your space.