Fast-paced, chaotic, dynamic. Some of these words come to mind when one thinks of start-up companies. Starting a company of your own is as thrilling as it is challenging and each day is a different one. Hiring fresh talent, working with like-minded people, bagging new projects and clients, and huddling together to discuss ideas that fly- the hustle of start-ups is a unique one.

There is a lot more freedom at hand while designing the ideal workspace for a start-up. Vibrant spaces pop with colors and compact, lightweight furniture inspires creativity and makes for a fun place for the daily grind. So, if you’re looking to design a lively and engaging space for your workforce, here are a few aspects to look at:

Airy, Open Spaces

Doing away with cubicles and partition walls, many start-ups opt for the open plan where spaces are defined by furniture and accessories. These workspaces have a flexible appeal and with proper spatial planning, one can share ideas, collaborate on projects, and multiple activities can be carried out in even the smallest of spaces.

Co-working spaces are also on the rise and prove to be a viable option for budding start-ups to have their own work environment in a shared, social space.

Colors that Inspire

Most founders of start-ups believe in being approachable, warm and open to new ideas. So, look for a color scheme that matches these very characteristics. A color palette that includes warm hues and accent walls in vibrant colors will definitely keep the employees in high spirits and break the monotony.

Furniture for Work & Play!

Most start-ups operate on fixed and limited budgets and there might not be enough space to bring in heavy and bulky furniture. Lightweight cushioned chairs, ottomans, center tables for huddles, and comfortable modular sofas and tables for the lounge area, are great options to outfit your space in a budget-friendly way.

Mod-Pods: An Office within an Office!

Need some space amid the chaos? Mod Pods are a range of modular office pods consisting of smart features such as sound-proofing, LED lighting, temperature and carbon-dioxide sensors and charging stations. So, if you have to take that important call, arrange a small meeting, interview people or just need your personal space, mod-pods are your best bet!

Some Natural Light & Greenery

Owing to the open floor plan and airy spaces, the workspace is bound to receive a lot of natural light during the day. Skylights in the ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows are a few methods to allow the sunlight to stream into the workplace so the employees feel energized. You can also choose from a wide range of pendants and sconces coupled with ceiling fixtures and bulbs to fill in the gaps. Explore other unique options such as floor and desk lamps for warm, focused lighting.

Introduce indoor greenery in your interiors by bringing in desk planters and succulents, or potted plants in the corners and center tables, for an element of freshness and to uplift the mood.