There’s no greater joy than watching the joy on the faces of infants and toddlers as they play, laugh and exhibit curiosity on encountering new sights and sounds. Ironically, shopping furniture and toys for kids is no child’s play as one needs to keep in mind many important factors such as the size of the furniture, materials used, functionality and durability. Here are a few tips to follow when it comes to choosing the best for the young ones.


Baby Cots with Inbuilt Storage

Investing in baby cots with added functionality is a great way to save space as the inbuilt storage space help one store essentials such as baby wipes, cloths, toys, swaddles and blankets among other things. Ensure that the bedding and fabrics used in the cot are super soft, breathable and well-cushioned for undisturbed sleep. Picking out a crib with a removable panel will help ease the process of carrying the baby out  and tucking it back in. Guaranteed safety and comfort, without interrupting their slumber!

Fun and Learning with Innovative Toys

It comes as no surprise that kids’ toys are now available in a variety of colours, materials, sizes and are designed to facilitate learning curiosity, motor skills and emotional and social development. As infants are used to throwing objects around and putting them in their mouth, choosing toys that feature food-grade lacquer coating will prevent them from ingesting harmful toxins. Toys crafted from wood and finished with smooth edges serve as the perfect alternative to the mass-produced plastic counterparts as they’re eco-friendly, bio-degradable and long-lasting.


Buying a baby bouncer will keep the precious one engaged and happy as they bounce away to sheer joy. Before picking out a bouncer it’s imperative to consider your infant’s safety. Looking for a sturdy harness, checking if it’s age-appropriate and gauging the structure of the frame for safe movement are some of the things to be considered while choosing a bouncer. Make sure that the fabric stitched onto the frame is soft, features added elasticity and is strong enough to hold your baby’s weight. Investing in a lightweight and portable bouncer will make it easy to transport it from room to room or when you’re visiting friends and family.

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The Kid’s Study Corner

Your toddler’s companion from homework to story books, a well-designed study table will help them focus in studies, prepare for exams and bring in a sense of discipline from an early age. Look for a study table and chair of the right height for your child while also making sure that it offers comfort and maintains good posture. Inbuilt drawers within the table will prove to be useful to store their stationery and other study essentials.

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