Small spaces can be hard to furnish when efficient use of square footage has to be the first priority. But you don’t have to forgo style to keep your room functional. Here are some ways to make the most of a small place.

Get furniture that does double duty. Anything that doubles as storage is a big hero in a small home. Find beds, ottomans and even coffee tables that have internal space to stow things away. Sofa beds are also a great multitasking piece of furniture, perfect for guests - whether they’re there to socialize or stay the night. 

Using foldaway chairs and an extendable table to create a dining room that can be put away, allows the same area to double as a home office - or simply create more floor space when needed. Modular furniture is another great solution, as the pieces can be moved around and rearranged to fit your needs.



For shelving, try floating or wall-mounted pieces. This saves floor space while still giving you ample room to store and organize your belongings - all above ground level. Floating desks can also be set up in a corner of the room and take up much less space than a traditional table.

While planning your room, keep in mind a few tips to make the room seem larger. Adding mirrors opens up space and gives an illusion of spaciousness. Choosing a  monochrome palette, and sticking to it gives the room a sense of cohesiveness, which removes the visual clutter caused by a sensory overload of colors and patterns.