Whether it’s your mother-in-law or your best friend, you always want to be prepared for overnight guests. Find out how to make your home as comfortable as possible for the people sharing your home. 

Sofa beds are ideal for homes that you want to keep ready for guests but don't quite have the space to spare for a dedicated guest bed. To make it as comfortable as possible, dress the bed in cozy sheets and plush comforters. Don’t forget to give your guests plenty of pillows and extra blankets. 

If you’re expecting regular use out of the bed portion of the sofabed make sure you buy something with an easy to use mechanism, and something more comfortable than the classic fold-out design. Since a sofa bed is used as a sofa most of the time, it leaves the chance for crumbs to accumulate. Therefore, regular clean-up is recommended.

In the case that your guest doesn’t ask you for the wifi while you’re socializing, you could leave the details on a sticky note. For an extra touch for long-time visitors you can leave a small basket of necessities, such as a towel, toothpaste or shaving essentials, by their bedside. 

Leaving a basket of water bottles and non-perishable snacks set out on the kitchen counter or in your guests’ space allows them to enjoy them without feeling like they’re intruding on your space or taking your things.