It’s important to take a break from the monotony of work and all the curveballs life throws at you. Make time to reconnect with your partner by setting up a romantic dinner for two. Follow these steps to make the most of your night.

Plates Arranged for a Romantic Dinner, a Lux Red Dining Chair
  • Picking a Spot. If at all possible, try to pick a place where you don’t usually eat. This could be on the roof or the balcony for a moonlit dinner or just decide to sit in your dining room. This break in routine can help make the occasion feel special.
  • Setting the Table. Set your favorite plates and silverware out in a layout fit for a restaurant. Layer your dishes. A small table is best for this occasion as you’ll want an intimate experience.
  • 5 Star Food. Whether you plan on serving a homemade meal or ordering food from your favorite restaurant, dedicate some time to presentation. Just because you’re dining at home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge yourself in the lux that comes with a beautifully plated meal.

  • Decor and Lighting. Turn down the lights and light some candles. Don’t forget to bring fresh flowers - because what is a romantic dinner without flowers? But don’t get so caught up in the decor that you forget to decorate yourselves! Keep your partner in the loop whatever you decide, so neither of you ends up underdressed.
  • Finally. Put your phones on silent and turn on some soft music. Enjoy each other’s company and have a good time.