It’s no secret that all homes need the good furniture and efficient spatial planning for the long run. But what makes a cosy home, are the little artefacts and accessories that complement the existing décor and interiors of your space. These collectibles bring a lived-in feel and even the smallest item can make a huge difference. An exquisite ottoman in the living room, a quaint vase on your mantelpiece or an ornate lamp on your bedside table - these little items really spruce up any space and make it your own.

Here’s a pick of some of our products, that we feel will enhance your interiors. And if you’re feeling a bit generous, they will surely a bring smile to someone’s face and become the high-point in their daily routine.

Our Morandi Green Vase, inspired by the still-life paintings of Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, will bring in an element of surprise with its textural exterior. Place it on a walnut coffee table or a chest of drawers for a burst of rustic vibrancy. What’s more, you can pair it with an assortment of vases in different shapes and colors for a more eclectic and boho vibe.
Throw Pillow and Cushions: 
Throw our Ikat Shades of Blue Pillow on a stately armchair or a diwan for a luxurious décor. Emblazoned with varied shades of blue and intricate Ikat patterns, this pillow is great for a night in with friends or to impress those guests.
Centre Table: 
An attractive and solid center table is the focal point of the common room and it’s essential to pick one, keeping in mind the size and design. Our Dalian Dark Center Table will beautifully complement a flat-woven rug or simply pair it with your sofa set. It is the perfect choice for those game nights with friends, to sit around and savour cups of tea with the family at the end of a tiring day, or to just relax with a book.
Arm Chair: 
You can’t beat our comfy Pompeii Green Dark Arm Chair to make an impressive statement in your home or with your guests! It’ll be your go-to place at the end of the day to relax and unwind. Inspired by ornamental Roman architecture, this chair when placed near a vintage floor lamp, will lend a royal charm to your home study. It also makes for the perfect gift for your dad to settle in with his favourite book!
When one talks about objects of daily use, often a favourite mug is what comes to mind. Tall, small, patterned, solid, with or without a handle- one can truly never have too many mugs in a home. Relive those precious memories with your loved ones, with our Pink Ceramic Mug, Set of Two. Bringing together coffee and lively conversations in the balcony, these mugs are a must-have. You could also use the mugs as planters for succulents and place them on your study table to rejuvenate your workspace.

When you’re looking for accessories to elevate your space, the trick is to mix and match and also collect them over a period of time. This will create a tapestry of memories and emotions as your eyes glide across the room. After all, it’s the small things that matter, and these small accessories can also make for great gifting options.