Mirrors can be a serious asset when you're decorating. Because they reflect light and help brighten and widen even the smallest and darkest of rooms to make them more comfortable and inviting. The placement of the mirror is all important and depending on this mirrors can make the room look bigger.  Wall and standing mirrors can also add a decorative look to your room and can make for an ideal focal point for your space. The key is choosing the right mirror for your room and the look that you want to create. Here are some of our top tips to help you choose your next mirror.

Function : Various types of mirrors fulfil a number of purposes. Standing mirrors are there for full body reflections and small mirrors often come with accessory holders and hooks.

Size of the wall : The ideal mirror should be in proportion to the wall it is on. Having a small mirror as the only object on a large wall or a big mirror on a small wall can look odd. Depending on the purpose of the mirror – whether decorative or to be used regularly – it should be placed where it can be looked at and compliments its surroundings.

Location : Mirrors are the perfect way to make your room look bigger and maximise any natural light that is coming into your room. Try and position the mirror in a place that maximises this so that other furniture pieces and artefacts in your space can also benefit as well!

Frame : The type of frame will accentuate and highlight the mirror itself! opt for a style with a frame that packs a decorative punch all its own. Choose a simple wooden, metal or plastic frame for a sleek, streamlined look. For a more formal, dramatic look, seek out a mirror with an ornate, gilded frame to serve as a strong focal point for your room.

Shape : Square and rectangular options are usually the most common however you can find wall mirrors in a variety of shapes. A square or rectangular mirror offers the most traditional look but choosing a mirror in an unusual shape can bring attention to a wall even if the mirror is small or lacks a decorative frame. For a simple but striking look, opt for a circular or oval wall mirror. Funky triangle- and diamond-shaped mirrors can add a quirky touch to a room. If you want to make a big design statement, however, go with a bold starburst-shaped mirror that is sure to draw the eye!