Open office spaces have become quite the norm in Bangladesh. These open office spaces aim to improve communication, collaboration, and transparency among the employees. Even though the arrangement reinforces camaraderie and ameliorates the power distance among employees, it can also bring about its own share of productivity issues to the table.

We all know how hard it is to concentrate on creating an errorless Excel sheet when your colleagues are talking about the concert or social gathering they attended during the weekend. Finding the mind space that is essential to close that important deal can become a struggle at times. It is widely accepted that employees’ productivity is contingent on their ability to focus bearing in the mind the structure of the office space they are in.

With an emphasis on flexibility and convenience, the Mod Pod Series is a range of modular office pods that are designed to take office productivity and space utilization to the next level. Each pod comes with an array of smart features including soundproof walls, LED lighting, air quality monitoring sensors and, wired and wireless charging systems. These pods provide the perfect adaptable solution to offices that don’t have meeting rooms or designated quiet areas. The Mod Pods come in three sizes (1-seater, 2-seater and, 4-seater) and are customizable according to your tastes and preferences.

To celebrate the launch of our innovative Mod Pod series we present to you, solutions to three problems usually found in a busy office:

Important Phone Calls

Important Phone Calls:

With the help of the single seater Mod Pod, you can now make phone calls right in the middle of all the hubbub without having to worry about silence or privacy. The soundproof ambience of the Mod Pod allows you to concentrate on your work without interruptions whether it is closing a deal, coming up with a big idea or, finishing that presentation. So now you can have phone or video calls for hours in peace without any distraction.

the big Presentation

Quick Practice before the big Presentation:

You know when you need to do a quick run-through before a big presentation but cannot find a suitable place to do it without interruptions? The Mod Pod two-seater is perfect for you to finish making that presentation and practice it before your colleague or supervisor one last time. The pod is designed for collaborations and discussions between two persons. The spacious structure allows for customization, enabling you to create the ideal space for discussions, formal meetings or, just working together as a team.

New project with your team

Peaceful space to brainstorm on that new project with your team:

The clock is ticking and your boss wants your team to come up with 3 ways to increase sales next quarter, but you and your team can’t find a quiet place to talk let alone brainstorm. For situations like that and much more, the Mod Pod four-seater is the way to go. The pod can be furnished according to your needs to transform it into a space for presentations, a meeting room or, even a library! The commodious pod can provide your team with the sanctuary you are looking for to work with comfort, and without disturbance.

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