The television is an essential feature and integral part of modern living rooms and with advances in technology, the design of the TV has shrunk from a bulky box to a sleek unit. Hence, TV cabinet designs have also witnessed a dramatic transformation. While choosing your perfect cabinet it is essential to consider aesthetics and functionality. 

The type of material, size, color and storage features of the cabinet will also help to determine the design that is best suited for your space.  Here are some of our top tips for buying a cabinet that can help you select a design that not only saves money but also suits your décor theme. 

Room size and shape – Make sure to choose a cabinet that matches the room size and shape of the room. Depending on where you want to place the cabinet, whether it is a smaller room or a bigger room, make sure to choose a size that uses the right amount of space to make a ‘statement’ or blend in with the rest of the surroundings.  

TV Size – The first rule is to ensure it is slightly larger than your existing TV so that your TV fits perfectly on the cabinet. Make sure you leave a bit more room so that your TV is not too close to the edge. 

Viewing Height – Choosing a cabinet that ensures a comfortable viewing experience is essential. The height of your TV will be needed to be taken into account here and the mere fact that you’ll be in-front of your TV daily! 

Storage – A very important factor when choosing what you need.  Not only to keep your set top boxes close by but also having ample drawers and shelves to keep all your entertainment accessories.  

Style quotient – Whether you want to make a ‘statement’ or just want it to ‘blend’ in with the surroundings, given this could be the focal point of your room, it needs to fit in with the existing design aesthetics! There’s nothing worse than a cabinet that looks out of place!