In most homes today – particularly in South East Asia it is customary to take off your shoes before entering. Apart from being polite to do so, in case your shoes are dirty, it also means that the room that you’re entering – more often enough the living room or lobby will remain dust and dirt free.

However, there’s just one essential piece of furniture that you need to combat the clutter of shoes and slippers that comes with acknowledging this custom and that is a good quality shoe rack!

Now as we all know, shoe racks come in many shapes and sizes so how do you go about choosing the right one? Well, here’s a quick guide to help you choose what’s right for you.

Dimensions : Depending on the space that you have – whether outside your door or just as soon as you enter your home – ensure you pick a shoe rack that will fit into the space that you’re looking to keep it in! It shouldn’t obstruct the entrance or hallway and remember you’ll either be standing or sitting close by to take off your shoes so do accommodate for some extra space to move around in when making this decision.

Function : Whether you want to buy a shoe rack that is functional and serves the purpose of keeping your footwear in one place or if you want to get one that compliments your walls and becomes a focal point to the hallway, you’ll need to think about both these aspects in tandem. Another important design component are racks that come with in-built seats and for many of us this comes as a welcome relief to have a stable seat whilst taking off shoes. Lastly, the rack you choose will entirely depend on how many shoes you’d like to keep in it and for what purpose.

Material : Metal based and wood racks are the most common options. These materials are both durable and long lasting. Anything more, such as an addition of glass, would require constant care and upkeep.

Design : You can either choose to hide your shoes away from your guests or for ease of quick access put them on shelves. Most racks have flaps, lids, doors or are just left open but given you might want to air your shoes from time to time it is best to consider the design that meets your needs.