The first production of the innovation lab was the smart series: A line of furniture with integrated wireless charging for your phone. Given the phone is wireless charging enabled if placed within the indicated area on the furniture the phone will charge with no unsightly wires around. Be smart and take charge.

Smart Charging Floater: The smallest piece in the smart series can be installed as a standalone wireless charging shelf, or can be left unattached and portable. It is small enough to easily be taken from bedside to kitchen, workplace to lounge. 

Smart Charging Shelf: This shelf from the smart series can be mounted to any wall, making it ideal for where space is limited. It can be placed bedside for a minimalist wireless charging solution with room to spare for your nighttime book. 

Smart Charging L Table: This is the perfect corner table, whether it be for the bedroom or lounge. Alongside the designated wireless charging area, you have room for the remote, your books or a cup of tea. 

Smart Charging Work Station: Whether in your home or office, this table gives you ample space to spread out and work comfortably. The wireless charging area in the corner makes charging your phone while you work easy.