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    Melrose Faux Leather Light Single Sofa
    ৳ 31,090
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    Aesthetically associated with 1920’s Hollywood and the taste of 80’s luxury, channel tufting is a unique throwback style that’s in vogue today. It’s a style that symbolizes this collection, where you either have vertical or horizontal channels of Faux-leather stitched to create the illusion of elongated silhouettes. As a result of this versatility, this timeless design works on all furniture pieces to create an aura of glamour and opulence. Our Melrose Forest Green Light Single Sofa is the embodiment of comfort and style and with its signature look will bring sophistication to any living room.

    Length: 850 mm 
    Width: 700 mm 
    Height: 720 mm 

    Est. Delivery between 3 - 5 days For Pcs

    Est. Delivery between 5 - 7 days For Pcs

    Est. Delivery between 10 - 14 days For Pcs

    Est. Delivery between 21 - 28 days For Pcs (Not Available)

    Est. Delivery between 10 - 14 days For Pcs

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